“A convention made by cosplayers for the cosplayers”

After many work adjustments I made that week and not being able to attend day one because of my work, I made my entrance in Day 2 of Pinoy Otaku Encore 2011.

The “usual scenery” passed by my eyes as I went up to the venue. Mall guard reminding con-goers and cosplayers to do not block the hallways. Photographers do their usual picture taking (or photo sessions) with several cosplayers. Cosplayers loitered around outside the venue while spectators curiously watched to what’s happening. I was thinking then has this convention leveled itself to other major cosplay convention? 

The Kpop dance battle was still on-going when I entered the hall, which was certainly one of the activities not interested with, so I loitered around the venue to take photos of cosplayers for my album. It was unexpected to see this many people at the event considering it was held only at Megatrade 3 of SM Megamall and it became an annoying discomfort as afternoon came.

The activities were way behind schedule – about two hours and the way I see it, Day 2 activities were really jam-packed from the K-Pop Dance Battle, Band Jam, and different side contest (the ever “famous” ramen-eating contest and the hotdog-eating contest).

Local cosplayer and wushu champion, Ms Janice Hung sang to the audience along with band from Muzikademy. She also performed a wushu demonstration afterwards.

Let us not forget the group and individual cosplay competition. Four groups participated in the group cosplay while an overwhelming 120+ cosplayers joined the individual cosplay competition. It was kinda funny that since the cosplay competition started late, booths were already packing up but the competition still went on.

The event ended with the announcement of winners to be posted on their event page.

Pinoy Otaku Encore Cosplay Competition Winners

Best Male Cosplayer – Herbert Chavez (Superman)
Best Female Cosplayer- Myrtle Gail Sarrosa (Rena Grand Archer – Elsword)
Best Chibi Cosplayer – Bolen Lareza (Unicorn Gundam)
Best Naruto Cosplayer – Nico Leo Arenzen (Uzumaki Naruto)
Best Mecha/Armored Type Cosplayer – Christian Umali (RF Online)
Special Award: Hero’s Choice Award – Eddieson Jaluag (Red Hawk from Birdman Ranger Jetman)
Group Cosplay Competition Champions – Project 8 (Kamen Riders)

In the end, I was overwhelm by the support of cosplayer and fellow con-goers considering this was the organizer’s first time to hold a “big” convention. Despite the big crowd on small venue and lot of delays on the activities, I will say that it was more than what I expected. 

Here are some photos I took during the event.

More photos at Facebook page