Originally planned on 21 December 2011, NuOtaku decided to reschedule RevOtaku event to 21 January 2012. The event will still be held inside the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City starting 10AM to 10PM.

Here’s there official announcement as posted in their official Facebook page:

Big moves and big changes awaits NuOtaku next year, guys!

Because of this, we would like to inform you that our flagship event, RevOtaku, will be rescheduled to 21 January 2012, Saturday, but the venue will be left unchanged.

Our team is given the sufficient amount of time to redevelop and reformat NuOtaku as this promising production group will be held under a new management starting February next year.

We wish this major decision will not result to declining your support on us. If you have inquiries, or suggestion about the reschedules RevOtaku event, please feel free to send us a message via email to revotaku@nuotaku.tk

RevOtaku will be the second event to be organized by NuOtaku and it is a portmanteau of words “revolution” and “otaku” as we aim to bring otaku conventions to the next level one step at a time.

NuOtaku is an otaku-centric journalism and and production team established this year.

Source: Nuotaku Facebook page, NuOtaku Official Website