“Bentou no Gokui” (The Essential Points of Boxed Lunch) is the un-aired OVA in relation with the release of the blu-ray version of anime series Toradora last December 21st.


The story revolves around Ryuji’s intimidation over Mio-chan. It started when Mio, Kitamura’s grandmother made a  3-tiered bento with loads of extravagant, good-looking food for his grandson compared to his “plain” bento. This made Ryuji feels inferior about his bento-making skills, and eventually, he wants compete with her obsessively and to himself.

Unfortunately, his obsession resorted to having lunch with cup of instant noodle and “cheating” by bringing rice cooker at school in order to have “fresh” rice for lunch.

In the end, Taiga, by making him some salty onigiri, make him realize that taste is not what is really important in making bento but the feelings that are put into it.

I got the essential point of box lunches! It’s for someone. Making lunch while keeping someone in mind.. It would be delicious no matter what’s inside.

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