A year has ended and another has began.

From yours truly, rayan, I would like to thank to all anime fans and cosplayers out there who have supported our blog, animePH project and its Facebook counterpart, animePH. It is already 9 months since I started the said Facebook page and I was humbled and overwhelmed that over 2,700+ fans, mostly Filipinos, liked the page

As the year ends, I began writing on a blog, the animePH project, with the same purposes with my Facebook page, providing anime and cosplay news to fellow Filipino fans, and hoping that this year 2012, I can provide you more news from the world of internet, from the field through cosplay events and from all sort of places, but keeping the tagline “More than Just Anime”

To all the sources – Anime News Network, My Anime List, Crunchyroll and among others, thank you for providing the news I needed for our fellow otaku.

To all the cosplay organizers, thank you for the wonderful events this past year. I will be doing a year-ender on this one to be released soon.

And lastly but definitely not the least, I want to thank the God Almighty for a fruitful year it was, for being alive, of course, and giving me free time just to update the page and blog.  Thank you also for enthusiasm to continue on what I truly love.

Again, from the sole administrator of animePH, this is ray-an, happy new year and thank you, everyone!

See you in the coming events this 2012!