71-year old, anime creator, Hisao Maki or in real life, Matsuchi Takamori passed away last January 2 at Kanagawa hospital in Japan.

His cause of death was not disclosed to the public but according to a person close to him, Maki was rushed to the hospital after he was on his way to a harbor in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Maki wrote the story of hard-boiled action manga, WARU and co-created the story of the Ashita no Joe video anime series Joe vs. Joe.

Synopsis of Joe vs. Joe anime
Joe Yuuki is one of Shibuya’s top DJs and comes from a well-to-do family. Joe Akamine is a delivery boy from a poorer family who also trains to potentially be a pro boxer. When Akamine challenges people for money at the local park, Yuuki fights him and is defeated. Yuuki decides to take up boxing so that he can fight Akamine again and beat him, not knowing that Akamine is being trained by a world-champion boxer who is also the father of his new female friend.