“Very cramp and too crowded” – these were some of the complaints that fellow con-goers and cosplayers raised during the conventions last year especially the most “popular” and largest ones.

Due to lack of space inside the venue, cosplayers and some con-goers had to hangout outside just take a glimpse of fresh air and as the result the whole area outside the venue was filled with either cosplayer, photographers and con-goer , not being able to enjoy the rest of the event. What make matters even worst were the strict security guards roaming around outside the venue.

Last year’s ToyCon PH had a record breaking attendance of more than 20,000 people while Ozine Fest and Cosplay Mania have more than 15,000.

So how big really are Megatrade Halls and the SMX Convention Center? Here is the comparison.

Floor Area

SM Megatrade has 3 trade hall, Hall 2 being the largest with 1,610 sq meter while Hall 1 as second with 1,348 sq meter. Megatrade Hall 3 has the smallest area with 920 sq meters.

All in all, the Megatrade Hall has a combined  floor area of 3,878 sq meters or approximately half a size of an international football (soccer) field. The three halls has the capacity of more than 15,500 people standing side by side (a person occupies a 1/4 sq m of space)

The SMX Convention Center has 4 halls on the ground floors with Halls 1 and 4 as the largest with 2,750 sq meter each while Halls 2,3 measures 1,815 sq meter each. In total, all halls have a total area of 9,130 sq meter or almost double the size of the Megatrade Halls.

The 5 Function rooms in the second floor has a total area of  7,100 square meters with Function 5 (2,350 sq m) and Function 4 (1,900 sq meter) among the largest.

Cosplay.ph’s Cosplay Mania ’11 made used of 3 function rooms of SMX Convention Center as their venue. They’d used Function Rm 3, 4, 5, making a total area of  5,200 sq meters or 1,322 more square meter than all the halls in the Megatrade combined.

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