NuOtaku brings changes little by little with RevOtaku.


After the success of our mini-event, Project NuOtaku, held last October 2011, we now bring to every otaku out there our second fan convention that will…hopefully…be a uniquie otaku-centric celebration.

RevOtaku will be the second event to be organized by NuOtaku, an otaku journalism and production team introduced this year. RevOtaku is a portmanteau of words “revolution” and “otaku” as we aim to bring otaku conventions to the next level one step at a time.

What’s different about RevOtaku? Well, it will be held at a venue different from the common locations where such events are held. RevOtaku will happen on 21 January 2012 (Saturday) inside the Quezon Memorial Circle a well-known landmark and leisure place around Elliptical Road in Quezon City. This twelve-hour, one-day affair starts at 10:00am and ends in 10:00pm.

Get some nostalgic feeling thru music as RevOtaku brings an old-school concert party, “Jam Pack Nineties“. We have those well-loved cover bands to perform the Japanese sound we heard from the last decade before the second millennium. It’s your chance now to walk down memory lane as we serenade and rock your heart out with tunes you heard from the popular anime classics.

We’ve got some upcoming surprises and activities to announce soon so make visiting this website a habit. Hope you will be with us when we celebrate RevOtaku. See you there!