Due to conflicts with other upcoming events similar to the RevOtaku format, NuOtaku converts its second otaku event into an all-out concert festival celebration the Japanese music!

RevOtaku presents “Jam Pack: A Japanese Music Concert”, the second event of NuOtaku celebrating the music from the Land of the Rising Sun. Jam Pack is still be held on January 21, 2012 (Saturday) at Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City.

The event will feature 18 rock bands playing your favorite J-music:

“ANIME ACOUSTICS” – Wanna play Acoustics? Here’s your chance! Perform at Jam Pack!
“NOSTALGIA NINETIES” – Wanna do some Nineties Rock? Here’s your chance! Perform at Jam Pack!
“OTAKU HOUR” – Play the sounds every otaku knows! Perform at Jam Pack!
“VISUAL KEI OKAY” – Doing Visual Kei? It’s Absolutely O.K.! Perform at Jam Pack!
“ANIME OST” – Play the Anime Sound! Perform at Jam Pack!
“ROCKIN’ ROAD” – Do what you can do with “Rock”! Perform at Jam Pack!
“SIMPLY SLOW” – Playing Rock nice and slow? Here’s your chance! Perform at Jam Pack!

Tickets are worth 100 pesos. Gates will open at 2:00 PM.

For details, contact nuotaku@gmail.com

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