Otakuzine Anime Magazine‘s first offering this 2012, Otaku Expo 2012, was held on January 21-23 at Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

The day 1 of event featured anime karaoke contest, Battle of the Bands, Fan Girl Asia (Kpop) Dance Showdown and the supposedly group cosplay competition. There were also several booths in the event – Gundam building, Horror booth, Ozine Maid Cafe and Host Club, Anime figure display organized by Team Oniichan, artist’s booth and various selling booths.

Ms Laine, from ABS-CBN Animation also visited the event to promote the new Team Animazing. She sang the first opening theme song of Sailor Moon, the Moonlight Densetsu.

The crowd was not enthusiastic enough to join some of the activities as 15 contestants (maximum was 25) participated in the karaoke contest. Charles Sabaku, contestant #15 won the contest by singing  his rendition of  The Super Robot, opening theme song of Mazinger Z.

Kupita band, out of the 5 bands performed, was declared the winner for day 1 of the Battle of the Bands. They performed the TV size version of Yakusoku wa iranai – Tenkou no, opening theme of anime Vision of Escaflowne and ending song of Powerpuff Girls Z, Mayonaka no Door.

Battle of the Bands Day 1 Winner – Kupita (Video by YTmjose)

The supposedly group cosplay competition was turned into a group cosplay performance by Team HTP as they were the only ones  registered for the cosplay competition. They performed a skit from the 1991 Super Sentai series, Chojin Sentai Jetman.  Team HTP were given tokens by the Otakuzine staffs for their effort.

Team HTP Group Performance at Otaku Expo 2012

There were also a “name-that-anime” song contest and videos playing Dragon Ball parodies that served as fillers in between programs since time was still early.

Here are some photos taken from Day 1 of Otaku Expo 2012

[Day 1 Album] [Otaku Expo Day 2]




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