Day 2 of Otaku Expo 2012 started with the karaoke contest with more performers registered. Beforehand, the host of  Otaku Expo revealed some of the rules for the upcoming Ozine Fest 2012 Karaoke contest. It was announced that if a participant won the karaoke contest, thrice in a row, he/she will be given a cash prize.

Some of the participants in day 1 and more experienced performers joined in for day 2 of thekaraoke contest,  making the contest a more interesting one. Among the 22 participated, the one who prevailed was Ms Hanna Bautista, who sang her version of “My Dearest” from the anime, Guilty Crown.

A much more fierce Battle of the Bands happened in day 2 as 4 bands rocked Megatrade Hall 1 despite some technical difficulties. J-rock band, Kimi No Koto won first place with a short distance with the 2nd placer (was not revealed). They performed “Let It Out” from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and “1/3 Junjou na Kanjou” of Samurai X.

[Kimi No Koto Winning Performance via Facebook Page]

Different from day 1, day 2 of the Otaku Expo was jampacked as afternoon arrived. From inside to outside of Megatrade Hall 1, it was filled with con-goers and cosplayer as mall security tried to do their jobs in keeping people to their right places.

Program continued with a short auction, not of  toys, but event posters. Items were sold ranging from as low as 350 to as high as 1,000 pesos. I was tempted to gamble 1,000 pesos for a Bakemonogatari poster but I held back as I was saving it for more important things. It was immediately followed by the much-awaited individual cosplay competition.

A total of 130 cosplayer – ranging from a simple costumes to gigantic mechas, from newbies to veterans, from cute chibi to absurd cosplays, participated in the contest and amazed the audience.

Here are  the winners:

3rd Placer – Taki Azael as Joseph Jobson (Blassreiter)
2nd Placer – Mika Valencia as Knight (Ragnarok Online)
1st Placer – RB Cheng as Death Saur (Zoids)

The event ended with BlazBlue Philippines’s game demonstrations of PSP fighting game, BlazBlue and Hatsune Miku’s rhythm game, Project DIVA. It was announced that dates for the upcoming three-day event, Ozine Fest 2012 will be posted on Otakuzine Anime Magazine’s Facebook page.

Here are some photos taken from Otaku Expo Day 2:

Day 2 Album [Part 1] [Part 2] [Anime Figures]