A video posted on Youtube, asking its user to save Hatsune Miku from disappearing on said video hosting site.

There have reports of mass deletion of Vocaloid-related videos, prominently videos of Hatsune Miku which were many years old and had accumulated millions of views. Many Vocaloid fans suspected that an organized group had been filing fake copyright claims to these videos just to take down Hatsune Miku’s fandom.

To counter the said take downs, Youtube uploaders were urged to file a counter-notification once their videos were deleted while fans were urged to re-upload the said video in their local language.

Other versions of the Save Miku campaign videos uploaded in Youtube

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  1. Hatsune Miku is a world wide succes in both music world and computer world. Also Miku is a great virtual artist, which no one can resist, and I don’t understand the people who is trying to make this kind of thing.

  2. If you are deleting miku, a group of highly trained and highly organized clan of ninja will figure out who you are. Then we will hunt your hacking clan down and it wont be very pretty from there. You guys have two weeks to fix mikus all of videos or we will find you. 於忍

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