Chrome Shelled Regios to start airing this coming Friday, February 24, 11:00PM, first and exclusive on ANIMAX.


The world of tomorrow is an arid wasteland, a forsaken place where nomadic communities take shelter within mobile domed cities. Massive, mutant ‘Contaminoid’ monsters swarm the planet’s desolate surface, and the lack of resources fuels constant conflict between cities.

In this bleak future, mysterious young Layfon struggles to escape his violent past. Unfortunately, his former life might be impossible to hide from after he is forced to enrol at the military academy when it is found that he wields special combat powers that are far stronger than those of his comrades.

As he joins his fellow military trainees in the desperate battle against the Contaminoid scourge, Layfon must fight to keep the origins of his powers a secret as the truth can tear his world apart.

This post-apocalyptic adventure anime is based on a series of light novels created by Shusuke Amagi and illustrated by Miyu. The first light novel was serialized on Dragon Magazine on the year 2006 and it has 19 volumes. In total, the light novels have sold 4.5 million copies in Japan.

Its anime adaptation which was produced by Zexcs (My-HIME, Sister Princess, DC: Da Capo) first aired last January 11 to June 20, 2009.