According to recent television program listing in Japan,  Studio Pierrot’s TV anime series, Bleach will end its run on March 27.

It will be replaced by Naruto spin-off anime series, Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth in TV Tokyo’s 6PM Tuesday time slot. Bleach’s animation director Hiroki Takagi through his official Twitter, recognized the said TV listing, but didn’t revealed if there will be a continuation or OVA after the said break.

The anime series based on  Tite Kubo’s manga of the same name first aired on October 5, 20o4 in Japan specifically on TV Tokyo.





  1. on Bleach Wikia it says Bleach wont be ending it’s just changing time slots , and im SURE bleach won’t end , trust me it will last for alot more longer time , we will see on 27th of March it will be showing on another time slot after that
    and besides Nruto is number 5 on the best anime however bleach is number 2
    also , it doesnt make sense , it says that it will end it’s run on that time slot but that doesnt mean it won’t be running on other time slots

  2. @AlexGeeks : if it doesn’t suite ur taste, then don’t go comment about it :@ what a freak..

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