PUP Otaku U Rule’s first offering this 2012, the 2nd Otaku Xperience was held last March 2 and 3 at PUP Open Court Area, Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Day 1 of the event featured various performance from guest bands, voice dubbing contest, mini-games, and individual and group cosplay competition. There were also different booths for merchandise, toys and various anime fan clubs and cosplay groups.

The voice dubbing contest is about start when I arrived. Here are some photos I took during that time.

A total of 56 participants, a mixture of veteran and new breed of cosplayers participated in the OXP’s individual cosplay competition.

Here are the winners of the individual cosplay competition.

[2nd OXP Individual Cosplay Competition Winners]

The event was interrupted by rain showers but the organizers continued with the event as it only lasted for few minutes.

The group cosplay competition was turned into a cosplay showcase as only one group registered for the competition. Team H.T.P. wowed and later applauded by the audience with their group performance of  a certain skit from Chojin Sentai Jetman.

After the cosplay competition, Rg Gamurot, OXP’s overall director and Otaku U Rule adviser, has announced his sentiments on not holding anymore cosplay events due to the “anti-student org” policy being implemented in the University. He later thanked those who attended the event especially the cosplay groups who supported them . [Full article to follow]

Event ended with hope that there will still be cosplay events inside PUP.

Unfortunately, we were unable to attend to day 2 of OXP due to other commitments. Day 2 of OXP was called JRock Day because the organizers dedicated this day for those who wanted jamming with their favorite J-music. Various Japanese-oriented bands performed on this day and among them were Asterisk, Ikuzo Iwa, Stigma Of Disgrace, Onigiri Infusion, Shaolin Shomai and Kyuu Kei Do.

J-Rock Battle of the Band was also held on Day 2.