The Philippines’ premiere cosplay organization, has announced that a weekly podcast titled “The Cosplay Show” will be streaming starting March 21 every Wednesday at 9PM.

The show will be hosted by President, Pablo Bairan and veteran cosplayer, Guy Singzon and it will feature topics about anything about cosplay, costume construction, product reviews, event roundups and more.

[Full post from Official Facebook page] The first Philippine weekly podcast on anything and everything about Cosplay! Webisodes will include discussions about cosplay topics, costume construction, product reviews, event roundups and much, much more!

The pilot webisode, Star Crafters, stars Don Robert Torio as a special guest. Don Robert Torio is known mainly for his portrayal of Iron Man through the years, but has also Cosplayed characters from Star Wars, Aliens vs. Predator, Transformers, Green Lantern and much, much more. He will discuss how he constructed Infested Kerrigan from the Starcraft series, one of the most amazing Cosplay costumes during the 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention.

You can catch the show on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 9PM by browsing to and clicking on The Cosplay Show banner. We will be answering questions and taking comments throughout the show so be sure to tune in and talk to us!