According to Dengeki Visual Arts magazine, President of Visual Arts, Baba Takahiro has revealed that he asked animation studio Kyoto Animation to produce upcoming anime adaptation of Key’s visual novel, Little Busters!.

Unfortunately, KyoAni was “too busy” working with other visual novels that Baba and Visual Arts cannot wait until it was picked up by another animation studio JC Staff.

Baba further announced that Japanese singer Riko Hirai will be singing “Little Buster” and  “Alicemagic” as anime series’ opening and ending theme songs, respectively.  Known as Rita, she originally performed the opening theme song of Little Buster game.

Little Buster Game OP by Rita


Masato Inohara – Nobutoshi Canna (Kabuto Yakushi/Naruto; Makoto Waltz Segai/Guilty Crown)
Komari Kamikita – Natsumi Yanase (Akane Hanasaki/DC II: Da Capo II)
Yuiko Kurugaya – Ryouko Tanaka (Hikari Kuroda/School Days)
Kengo Miyazawa – Yuuse Oda (Gyaro/One Piece)
Rin Natsume – Tomoe Tamiya (Futami Moriyama/Recorder and Randsell)
Kyōsuke Natsume – Hikaru Midorikawa (Lancer /Fate Zero)





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