Various photos of basketball players from the Philippine Basketball Association Finals team have been posted to social network sites – Facebook and Twitter comparing them to characters of popular basketball anime series Slam Dunk.

It started when PBA fans have been comparing B-Meg power forward Marc Pingris to Slamdunk “genius” Hanamichi Sakuragi which was later revealed in an interview by InterAKTV that Sakuragi was Pingris’ favorite cartoon (anime) character when he was in high school.

So let us start the analogy:

The protagonist

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Photo from Llamados' blog

His athleticism, high energy and his high leaping ability, these were some of the characteristics that fans sought when resembling Pingris with Sakuragi. Pingris’ role as a defender in the team which focuses on blocking shots and controlling the rebounds also contributed to the comparison.

The Starting Five

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Red uniform and the pose!

The Coach 

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Even though not from the Tropang Texter and the Llamados, PBA fans have resembled Coach  Junel Baculi of the Barako Bull with Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai of Shohoku except of course the color of the hair.

The Rivals

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Talk ‘N Text’s dark jerseys had a striking resemblance with Kainan’s uniform. Aside from that, The Kainan University Affiliated High School basketball team, a long-time regional basketball champion, is composed of elite players like the Tropang Texter.

So does it means that Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters will beat B-Meg Llamados in the finals like what happened in the anime series or the Llamados will be the number one  team in the Philippines? Let us wait and see!

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