According to the conversation on Twitter and in magazine, upcoming film of sci-fi romance anime series Toaru Majutsu no Index has been slated to release February 2013.

Said film will be the continuation of the TV anime series Toaru Majutsu no Index and its side story Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and it will have  a completely original story written and illustrated by its original author Kazuma Kamachi.


Director: Hiroshi Nishikiori (from TV series)
Original Story Concept, Composition: Kazuma Kamachi (original author)
Script: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Accel World, Macross Frontier)
Character Design: Tanaka Yuuichi (from TV series)
Mecha Design: Mika Akitaka (Gundam 0083, Nadesico)
Art Director: Tomonori Kuroda (from TV series)
Color Design: Tomomi Andou (from TV series)
Director of Photography: Shingo Fukuyo (from TV series)
CG: Sanjigen (Black Rock Shooter)
Editing: Shigeru Nishiyama (from TV series)
Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa (Shakugan no Shana, AKB0048)
Music: Maiko Iuchi / I’ve sound (both from TV series)
Animation: J.C.STAFF

Synopsis (movie)
Endymion: the space elevator of Academy City. On the day of its anticipated completion, Touma and Index encounter Alisa Meigo, a Level 0 girl. Index and Alisa become friends through the inscrutable bond of “ravenous eating”. The three were hanging around after school, when suddenly Stiyl and another magic-side being comes assaulting them, their target being Alisa. Why is Alisa, who is also on the magic side, being targeted? Having encountered a full-throttle attack from the magic side, Academy City enacts the deployment of the discipline maintenance squad led by the female leader, Shut-Aura. As the turmoil surrounding Touma, Index, and Alisa continues to worsen, Stiyl says, “That girl there may just cause war between the magic side and the science side.” When magic and science cross paths, at Endymion the story unfolds!

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