With Myrtle Sarrosa’s win in the recently concluded reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother Teens Edition Season 4, various reactions from social network site Twitter had been posted.

Fans and fellow otakus tweeted their congratulatory messages upon knowing their favorite housemate from Iloilo won the PBB Teen Season 4. Fellow and well-known cosplayers, Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao also congratulated her.

Twitter hashtag #HindiKaDeservingMyrtle also trended to those who were very disappointed with the results of the show. Most of the tweets pertained to MYRTLE not deserving season’s Big Winner title.

While others decided to accept and respect the decision of the majority who voted for MYRTLE. Almost 34% voted for MYRTLE ,a  20% big lead to second big placer KAREN who got 12% of net votes.

Here are some notable posts in relation with the topic.