According to Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, a new project of supernatural/comedy anime series Zettai Karen Children was announced.

Announcement didn’t mentioned if the new anime project will be a remake or continuation of previous series. More details will be revealed in the later issue of  the magazine. Furthermore, it was also announced that there will be six more projects related to the  series in commemoration the 7th years of the manga.

A 51-episode Zettai Karen Children TV series was first aired last April 6, 2008 followed by an original video in 2010.

In a world where ESP is common, only three people have them at the highest possible level—Level 7. Those three are the special ESP team, The Children. The Children work for BABEL, a special ESPer organization committed to stopping crimes before they happen. Kouichi Minamoto is assigned to watch over them, and he’ll need to, because three superpowered ten-year-olds are a problem on their own. [ANN]