New anime line-ups for GMA Astig Authority and Studio 23’s Have a Haba Toons starting July 16 while HERO TV has revealed its returning titles and hinted new anime for the month of August.

Starting Monday, June 16, GMA Astig Authority weekday morning anime block will be airing new episodes of fantasy/adventure anime Dragon Ball Z Kai along with other current series, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Inu Yasha and Hunter x Hunter.

GMA Astig Authority starts to air every Monday-Friday at 8:15 AM – 10:45 AM and it also airs on weekend mornings.

Dragon Ball Z Kai is the  remastered and recut of version Dragon Ball Z, done for its 20th Anniversary.

Starting also on July 16, current  anime / cartoon morning block of Studio 23, Have a Haba Toons will be joined by slice of life/romantic/comedy anime Kirarin Revoution at 8:20 AM.

Furthermore, drama anime Mina and Porphy is be extended to one-hour starting at 9:10 AM-10:10 AM

Kirarin Revolution is about a cute girl named Kirari who loves to eat and falls in love with a Idol Seiji and a boy named Hiroto tells her they are in different worlds so Kirari set’s out to be a Idol. 

Here is Studio 23’s new anime line-up starting July 26

7:00 AM Sineskwela/Mathinik
7:30 AM Atom: Alpha Teens on Machines
7:55 AM W.I.T.C.H.
8:20 AM Kirarin (New Show)
8:45 AM Marcelo Pan Y Vino
9:10 AM Mina and Porphy
10:10 AM Looney Tunes
10:30 AM Super Inggo

HERO TV through its official Facebook page have revealed its returning anime titles for the coming month of August. With the theme, Red Blast of August, anime cable channel will air again Kiba, Blue Dragon Season 2 and Overdrive. No announcement yet on the schedules of said returning anime.

On a later post, HERO TV has revealed that it will be airing three new anime series and a movie for its August offering. Details of the new titles acquired will be announced in a few days.

We’ve posted the returning titles for August. Now, we know you’re all wondering what’s NEW this coming month. Prepare for the Red Blast of August as we give you three new titles, plus one movie that everyone is anticipating to watch. Know that and more in the next few days! 🙂

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