According to interview on this year’s 35th issue of the Shonen Jump, manga creator Masashi Kishimoto announced that identity  Naruto’s masked villain Tobi will be revealed this August.

Here is the interview:

Q: The legendary ninja is now immortal, does Madara Uchiha have any weakness?
Kishimoto-sensei: All people, even the strongest ones, have weaknesses, however, Madara does not. So we have to pose the question, where and how will the battle go from here!? Please stay excited and wait with eager anticipation to find out!!

Q: What is the connection between Tobi and Madara?
Kishimoto-sensei: Both ninja know one another. What kind of relationship do they have? Well, that will be gradually revealed as the story progresses!!

Q: Will Tobi’s identity be revealed in the future…!?
Kishimoto-sensei: Yes, it will. In fact, Tobi’s identity should be revealed within the next couple of weeks so until then please continue with your predictions!!

It was also revealed that Naruto and Sasuke will meet again during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Q: How will the story of Naruto and Sasuke continue from this point on?
Kishimoto-sensei: They will meet again, this time during the war. Just wait until you see what is happening then!

Q: We will soon be entering into the climax of the Fourth Shinobi World War arc, please tell us some of the key points that will be coming soon!
Kishimoto-sensei: Everything from here on out is key and everything is just going to get more and more electrifying! All your favorite characters will shine brightly so please continue to enjoy Naruto as the great Shinobi World War reaches its climax!