The internet’s most trusted anime news source, Anime News Network has announced that it is in need of two Filipino interns as part of their ongoing internship program.

Here are the details:


Anime News Network is looking for two news interns in the Philippines. The internship is part-time (20 hours per week) and paid.

Applicants should expect to spend 20 hours a week performing tasks for Anime News Network, including posting press releases, writing news articles under the guidance of Senior News Editor Egan Loo, and researching information for news articles. Strict adherence to deadlines will be expected.

Candidates must be able to read English, Japanese and Filipino. Candidates must be able to write in English at a professional level. Prior journalism experience or college level journalism studies are a huge plus. The ability to read Chinese is also a huge plus.

This internship may be done for college credit (final year only) if it is acceptable to your educational institution.

The internship will last 4 months (September 1 to December 31, 2012). At the end of the internship permanent, salaried positions may be offered to the interns.

Important: Applications (cover letter + resume) must be received by August 16, 23:59 EST. Applications must be sent to, and the email’s subject must read “Intern Position” or it will be discarded. Nothing sent to this e-mail address will be read before the deadline.