Mr. Kazunori Inaba aka Ryosuke Kaizu with Project 8 cosplayers.
Photo by: Kino Kaoru

Yesterday, Filipino sentai cosplay group Project 8 posted photos of their “rare” meet and greet with former Japanese actor Kazunori Inaba here in the Philippines.

Kazunori Inaba also known with the screen name Ryosuke Kaizu was the actor behind Michael Joe/Takeru/Red Mask from the Super Sentai series Hikari Sentai Maskman which was aired in the Philippines in the 1990’s.

Here are the details of the meet and greet:

Project 8 just had a very rare chance of meeting Mr. Kazunori Inaba/ Red Mask in the Flesh! The moment we met him we were so Starstruck. It was surreal. We never thought that we could meet our Childhood hero since we were kids when we used to watch Maskman on IBC 13. He was really accomodating and a down to earth guy along with his wife Ms. Georgette who is also a Filipina.

The weather was really bad here in Manila the past few days but that didn’t stop us to meet one of the most well-known Sentai actors in Pinoy Tokusatsu History. 🙂

More photos of this “rare encounter” are uploaded at Kino Kaoru’s Facebook page [Photo album].





  1. sayang di ko sya nakita… 🙁 i really like to face him tlga…dati pa… i hope i could meet him personally i hope u could do me a favor.. meet him in person -Kuya Lionel Uy ^_^

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