The Philippines’ premier manga anthology magazine, Oh No! Manga held its Oh! No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2012 last July 29 at Skydome, SM City North EDSA.

The event featured activities, exhibits bazaars and competitions like the Voca-battle, Battle of the Bands, art contests and the Cosplay Crazy. The cosplay camp also showcased an 18-foot Gundam – 3D HG Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode – was  beside the stage.

18-foot 3D HG Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode

There were no group cosplay competition held at the event but there was Oh No! Manga Cosplay Crazy in which 80 pre-registered cosplayers participated.

Here are the winners of the cosplay competition.

1st Placer – Bolen Lareza as MG Sinanju
2nd Placer – Charles Cyril Hernandez as Loki Laufeyson
3rd Placer – Erika Garbin as Female Gladiator

Oh no! Manga also showcased their comic series through the catwalk were characters from each manga were introduced.

Various guest bands specifically Error505, Asterisk*, Himitsu Heiki, Raika, Se-no, Fushizen and Anime No Sora – performed some of the famous anime and j-pop/j- rock songs . The performance was temporarily interrupted with more stage activities but the “concert” continued later in the evening along with the film showing afterwards.

Lot of people gather around SM North EDSA to attend the cosplay camp, unfortunately, in my opinion SM Skydome is not the suitable venue to this kind of events. The dome was very full inside and attendees and some cosplayers tended to stay outside. The organizers probably didn’t expect this much attendees going to the event even, I didn’t expected the crowd. Added to the misery was the heavy rains that poured later in the afternoon till the evening.

Overall, I still enjoyed the camp especially during the band performances and the cosplay competition. The event was very lively and refreshing to my eyes.

Cosplay photos [here]