According to post on his Facebook page, Marvel Filipino comic book artist Carlo Pagulayan has announced a boycott on this year’s The Manila Pop Culture Convention or formerly known as Metro Comic Convention (MCC).

The boycott was due to disputes between MCC head organizers Ernest Leo Hernandez and the artists of the Renaissance project. The Renaissance project was a fund raising drive for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy held last February 2010.

Here is Pagulayan’s full statement:

Hello comic book fans; To those asking, if you are heading to Metro Comic Con (or whatever it’s name is now)and hoping to get your stuff signed by me or any of my peers– or most of those involved in the Renaissance project, please be noted we are boycotting this convention along with some indie creators because of what happened to that fund drive (one of the reasons).

The head organizer is the reason why our efforts (from the auction and book purchases), never reached the victims of Ondoy; and the reason why some of us have had second thoughts joining any sort of fundraising (sorry).

We still regret everything that has happened, still sad and furious and it’s tough telling you all this just now. We used to be regulars at this convention but now we have shifted our support to those events and people that truly have heart.

Please feel free to ask the other artists and not just take my word for it. Please feel free to ask him about Renaissance as well, because he might give you answers, answers that he has yet to provide us.

Hernandez, on the other hand, explained his side on the MCC Facebook group page presenting a photo of donation amounting to P200,000 to Philippine National Red Cross given on July 19, 2011 under the name Sketchpad Studio.

He explained:

. . . We were supposed to give the auction proceeds in Metro Comic Con 2010 (August) but the collections were not completed yet and we also tried to follow up unremitted collections from some other auction winners. There was no definite charity recipient yet. We decided to give the proceeds in Metro Comic Con 2011 (May) but we weren’t able to arrange who the recipient was. . . 

. . . I agree that there were delays in donating the proceeds and for that we sincerely apologize.

It was also announced that Manila Pop Culture Convention will be moved to Sept 8-9, 2012 due to unpredictable weather.




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