Early this week, there have been reports that social network site Facebook had started mass deletion of user accounts in an attempt to “clean up” its database from fake and duplicate accounts.

Though no statistics of how large the numbers, reports say that most of the affected account were those with term “cosplay” used in their profile names. Some accounts were given warnings 4-6 months prior the deletion while some claimed that there account was deleted without any warnings. Facebook had specifically targeted profile account, not fan pages.

Sought any explanation, Facebook on mail set to Daily dot, replied  that profiles reported or detected for policy violations, including the use of fake names, may be deleted by Facebook but  they didn’t comment further on said accounts.

The mass purging of user accounts may also contribute with the record-low performance of Facebook in the stock market last week and in an attempt to restore investors confidence. Facebook had reported that 8.7% or around 7 million of its monthly active users are either duplicate or fake accounts.

According to Examiner.com, other common terms like “photography”, “gamer”, and “sports” are reported to be targeted next.

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