According to official website and series of TV teaser ads aired last week, HERO TV is set to air four anime titles this coming September.

The anime series were  Ayashi no Ceres, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Zero No Tsukaima F, and RahXephon .

Another of Yuu Watase’s shoujo anime classic depicting love at the most unexpected circumstances. Aya and Aki Mikage are twins born to live a normal life, or as they know it. But on their 16th birthday, Aya is set to be killed by the Mikage clan as she possesses a celestial blood that threatens the Mikage Family.

Ceres, Celestial Legends starts September 8, 2012, Saturdays at 9:00am and 6:30pm; September 23, 2012 (Saturdays and Sundays) at 9:00am, 6:30pm

In a world with technological advancement supported by Science, magic is also real. Introducing Touma! Your typical average guy with the most experienced bad luck in a single day. How can he survive in this kind of world if he has beyond zero ability?

Follow his zero to hero journey on Toaru Majutsu no Index starting September 5, 2012 at 7:00pm with replays at 3:00am, 9:30am and 3:00pm.

The final season of Louise and Saito’s quest starts here! As their bond deepens, these two love birds decided to take their relationship to the next level. But, the Queen has a mission for them that will test their love to the limit.

The Familiar of Zero F starts September 8, 2012, Saturdays at 8:30am and 6:00pm; September 23, 2012 (Saturdays and Sundays) at 8:30am, 6:00pm and 11:00pm.

Year 2012, Japan is invaded by human-like beings from another dimension. 17 year old AyatoKamina’s peaceful life was suddenly interrupted by strange machines invading the city. After series of events, he found himself controlling a mecha known as Rahxephon.

Follow his quest starting September 26, 2012 at 8:00pm with replays at 4:00am, 1:00am and 5:00pm