The most awaited chapter of every Naruto fans has finally arrived and with this is the revealing the real identity of one of the most mysterious personalities in the Shinobi world, Tobi.

Tobi first claimed to be the legendary ninja Madara Uchiha in the initial chapters of the series but latest manga chapter of ninja/action manga series Naruto finally revealed that Akatsuki’s masked man Tobi was really Obito Uchiha.

A former member of Team Minato, Obito was believed to have died during “Third Shinobi World War” when trying to save his teammates, Rin and Kakashi.

Naruto Chapter 599 titled “Obito Uchiha”, its story focused on young Obito during the Chuunin Exams with his teammates.




  1. For me, Tobi is not Obito. Let’s wait for the next chapters.
    Remember when Minato fought Tobi? Kakashi was not allowed to help Minato because he’s too young.

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