According to official website, an unaired episode of romance/shoujo anime series La storia della Arcana Famiglia was announced.

Titled “Capriccio – stile Arcana Famiglia”, it will be included in the Arcana Famiglia Special Disc “La prima festa” which is set to released on March 27, 2013.

Announcement was originally made at the “La storia della Arcana Famiglia 1st Event La prima festa” live event. New “Arcana Famiglia 2” game was also announced at the event. No details yet on the said game.

Felicitá is the one-and-only daughter of the Papa of the organization, maybe even mafia, known as the Arcana Famiglia. The Famiglia is made up of people who have made contracts with the Arcane cards, and have received special abilities due to this. The Papa has decided it’s time for him to retire and give up his seat to a new male who has control over an Arcane. To decide who in the “family” gets this seat, he calls for a tournament between Arcane users. To the winner, he promises the “Papa” seat, a wish of the winner’s choice…and his daughter’s hand in marriage. Refusing to accept this, Felicitá decides to fight to choose her own path, with her friends Liberta and Nova fighting for her freedom by her side. [ANN]