Local film distributor Pioneer Films (Movie Punch) clarified that Rurouni Kenshin live-action adaptation film is still for negotiations in the Philippines.

Here is the initial post from the Facebook page teasing the release of live action film in the Philippines.

Hours later, Movie Punch clarified in a comment that said post was made to measure feedback from the public before the negotiations with producers on the rights of the Rurouni Kenshin film commence. Movie Punch also said the it is seriously studying this and it ensured that updates will be made on the page once there have been any development in the negotiations.

Here is one of the comments:

We are posting this for feedbacks before we really negotiate with the production since this film is quite expensive, we are making sure na hindi naman kmi malulugi nito, (we are making sure that we do not loss profits here). (We) will update on this page once na confirm na, thanks guys for your comments regarding this film, we will seriously study this development

Latest post:

Dear Movie Punchers we were caught off guard with the overwhelming reaction to Rurouni Kenshin. pls like this page for updates for this movie very soon! pls bear with us we are negotiating this film on your behalf specially the Otaku lovers!

Movie Punch also assured the Filipino otaku fans that the original Japanese audio will stay intact when it got released.

Don’t worry guys if ever it (RUROUNI KENSHIN Film) will be shown we won’t alter the audio, it will just be in subtitles.

Movie Punch earlier commented that Warner Brothers should not be blame for not showing the film in the Philippines.  Japanese producers gave Warner Brothers a license to show the film only in the United States.

…Please don’t blame warner bros for not showing it here in the philippines, we heard that the japanese producers gave them a license to show only in their territory US. Do not worry guys we are trying our best to negotiate with the Japanese producers we are just hoping they give us a good price!

An image of an online petition was then posted on their Facebook wall. Image was originally posted from Tambayan ng mga Anime Addicts II Facebook page with currently more than 5,700 shares and 2,400 likes.

Pioneer Films had been the local distributor of Sadako 3D, Hunger Games, Resident Evil: Afterlife and many foreign films in the Philippines.

Warner Brother Philippines has initially announced that they have no rights to release Rurouni Kenshin live action film locally.

Update (9/5/2012) 

On its latest comment, Movie Punch said that they were already 60% in closing the deal and already awaiting for the confirmation on whether they have the distribution rights of the film.





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