(Update – 9/13/12 0800H) In an announcement made on their Facebook page, Movie Punch announced that they are still waiting for the approval from the Japanese producers . Movie Punch’s President will be making the announcement since he is the one negotiating for the deal.

Movie Punch also announced that SM Cinema will be their exclusive partner if the film will be released in the Philippines and they agreed to screen the film on a tentative date which is on October 17, still to be approved by the producers.

Movie Punch assured the awaiting fans that there will be updates by next week once their President returns.


Update  (9/12/12 2200H)

SM Cinema Facebook page has deleted post and photo regarding the Rurouni Kenshin film PH release.


Update  (9/12/12 1700H)

In a post made by Movie Punch in their Facebook page, they commented that SM Cinema’s announcement for release of Rurouni Kenshin film in the Philippines is not yet official yet.

SM own move, everything is not definite yet.
Nothing official yet.
—Movie Punch

In a call made by animePHproject, a representative from SM Marketing clarified that recent post made by SM Cinema Facebook page is not yet official and they are still waiting for the “go signal” from the film producers.

The post was already deleted from the Facebook wall post yet photo is still visible in their albums. Representative also said that SM Cinema is negotiating for the exclusive exhibitors rights for the film.


According to official Facebook page, SM Cinema has announced that Rurouni Kenshin live-action film will finally get screened in the Philippines next month.

Film is announced to premiere this October 17 exclusively at SM Cinemas.

Here is the post from the page:

It was earlier reported that film’s release is still in negotiations with local distibutor Movie Punch.





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