Despite heavy rainfall that poured and flooded some parts of Metro Manila the night before the event, the show must go on!

The 3rd Best of Anime presented by Primetrade Asia and anime cable channel HERO TV featured this year Japanese visual kei band, Uchuu Sentai NOIZ.

The band made a public clamor in the news and in youtube hitting more than 650,000 views as they covered one of the Kamikazee’s smash hit songs, Narda.

“Why Narda?”, this is one of the questions asked by fans in a meet and greet session held in day one of the Best of Anime 2012. Angel-Taka, lead vocalist of the band, answered the song was chose so that they can be closer to the Filipinos.

In 2006, when NOIZ visited Davao, the song was very popular and this is also the promise they kept to the kids in Davao to sing the song when they returned to Japan.

Here are some of the questions asked by fans:

Q: Are you single?
A: Yes (Girls screaming afterwards)

Q: Are you coming back to the Philippines for a live concert?
One of the members gestured signifying they will return.

Q: Why they chose being a “visual kei” band?
A: For us to be famous with girls (an honest answer)

There were some laugh trip moments with Mr David Angelo cosplaying as Mr Satan (Master Pogi) of Dragon Ball Z asked the band on why they were so handsome. They answered because they follow their master, pertaining to him.

There were each asked on Filipino words they know. One of the singers, Masato answered “masaya” (happy) while guitarist, Kotaro knows Davao famous fruit Durian. Angel-taka on the other hand spoke “Maayong Buntag!”, Bisaya dialect. Kyo, has the funniest answers as he said “Yosi! Masarap!”.

When asked for any Filipino delicacies they’ve already eaten, other band members answered kinilaw, sisig, durian, Jollibee but Kyo answered “Yosi.” Kyo was eventually known by the fans as “YOSI”.

Uchuu Sentai NOIZ were also given cakes and hugs by some of the fans in the meet and greet.

Later in the evening, Uchuu Sentai NOIZ most awaited performance has begun. Crowd gathered around the stage to see a glimpse of their favorite band members.

Themed as Space Heroes, the band made special roles call as their intro just like in a usual Super Sentai. Role calls as follows:

ANGEL-TAKA (Angel Voice)
MASATO (Hyper Sonic Guitar)
KYO (Super Vibrator)
YAMATO (Machinegun Beat Grappler)
KOTARO (Neo Eccentric Guitar )

As described in Wikipedia, there songs are mixture of  various genres – more punk, pop, metal, hip-hop, rock and electronica.

Uchuu Sentai NOIZ performed their widely famous version of NARDA. This made the crowd wilder in a good way.

In the end of their performance, KAMIKAZEE made a surprise visit to see the Japanese rock band though without lead singer Jay. One of member were eagerly said that they hoping to perform with them in the future and Kamikazee was very thankful to NOIZ, not only in covering the song Narda but also caring the kids in Davao.