With heavy rains poured in Metro Manila at day one, con-goer and cosplayers- alike didn’t bother and still march to SMX Convention Center of the most anticipated and biggest cosplay event this year, Cosplay Mania ’12.

Day one was very star-studded as celebrity casts of TV5’s ongoing fantaserye, Enchanted Garden were there to promote their show. They were joined by BB Gandanghari who portrays Michiko in the series. He surprised everyone with his stylish red gown. Network’s newest primetime “action serye” KIDLAT was also introduced. It was then revealed that Derek Ramsey will be casts as main character of the series with his leading lady, Ritz Azul.

TV5 celebrities graced Cosplay Mania ’12

Setting aside TV5’s media promotions, let us not forget the real highlights of the event, the international guests – Singaporean cosplayer JESUKE JES and Japanese cosplayers KANAME★ and REIKA.

Lot of cheers and fan girls screaming at the side were heard while KANAME★  doing his catwalk. He is cosplaying as male version of Black ★Rock Shooter. Video of his ramp performance here.

In his Q & A after the performance, KANAME★ said that he will again visit the Philippines soon.

This years  Project Cosplay: Solo cosplay competition, a total of 122 cosplayers participated in the competitions  showing their craftsmanship and wit on stage as they were judged with our international guests  KANAME★, Reika and Jesuke along with  Cosplay Fashion Designer Cat De Jesus.

Photos of the cosplayers who participated in the Project Cosplay: Solo cosplay competition can be seen here and here.

International guests with Fashion Designer Cat De Jesus as judges

Here are the winners:

Best Kid – Serreniethy Fionah as Beleth in Lineage II
Best Anime/Manga – RB Cheng as Genobreaker
Best Western Comic/Cartoon – Mark Anthony Vibas as Deadpool
Best Live Action – Wreidyl Denorte as Thunder Knight Baron
Best Video Game – Abraham Cruz as Barbarian (I was informed that  it was not Cruz but Rox Garbin)

Special Awards

Best Male – Mark Celtic Buenaventura as Warlord Predator
Best Craftsmanship – Jhel David as Shiva Sister
Best Performance – Bolen Lareza as Gundam Red Frame Astray
Nostalgia Bomb Award – Ian Lester Gomez as Ryuma Zombie General
Best Female – Krisdel Ingreso as Shiva Sister

Jan Erick Torres, this year’s Project Cosplay: Solo Overall Champion won an embroidery machine from Brother as his prize. Dyerik Torres was also  of this year’s Grand Champion of HERO Face Off 2012. He went to Singapore this year to represent the Philippines at the 2012 Singapore Games, Toys and Comic Convention (STGCC 2012). He is cosplaying Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy Dissidia in the competition.

Jan Erick Torres with fellow winners of Project Cosplay:Solo

At the Function Room 4, Grand Finals of the Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix 2012 were also being held. Krisdel Ingreso cosplaying as Styria of the Shiva Sisters (Final Fantasy XIII) also won as Overall Champion in the said competition.

Winners of the Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix

The two halls of the SMX Convention Center – the free hall (Hall 3) and the Merchant’s Hall (Hall 4) were filled with people as expected.

The free hall which is dedicated to “hangout” was still not enough to accommodate all the attendees. People still overflows outside the venue. The Stage Area was just right amount of crowd to walk around.

The main stage activities went on smoothly and on schedule.

Overall, it was pretty much the same as last year, the stage, the event proper, the 3-halls, though inviting Japanese cosplayers and TV5 as its media partners were good additions to this year’s event. The enthusiasm and excitement of again being at Cosplay Mania were still there.

Thank you for the organizers of Cosplay Mania ’12 for the opportunity given as one of your media affiliates. This is my second time I attended Cosplay Mania.

To be continued on Day 2