SM Cinema on their official Facebook page has announced that local release of Rurouni Kenshin live-action film  has been re-scheduled to a different date and it was not cancelled.

Post didn’t mention the new play date for the film but SM Cinema assured that details of the release will be posted once they have already info. The comments were made in response to posts by fans regarding news on the release of the live-action film.

Last September 13, SM Cinema announced that film will “tentatively” premiere on October 17, the date they and Philippine distributor Pioneer Film aka Movie Punch have initially agreed upon immediate approval by the producers.

Latest comment made by SM Cinema few hours ago was that they will be making an announcement in regard to the release date of the film in a day or two.

Movie Punch who was negotiating with the Japanese producers for the Philippine release of the Rurouni Kenshin film, has been silent on this matter. They have not responded to any fans’ queries related to the film on their official Facebook page.

There last post was dated September 29 saying they, assuming the producers, have not responded yet.

via SM Cinema Facebook page, Movie Punch Facebook page




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