The representatives were already chosen and it is already time for these teams to be judged on who is deserving as this year’s Anime Festival Asia Regional Cosplay Championship (ARCC) 2012 Grand Champion.

The panel of judges and special guests for this year are composed of renowned and respectable cosplayers in which already had names in the international cosplay community. They are also famous for their individual specializations and won at least an award in a recent international cosplay competition.

Now, let us meet them:

Photo from Clive Lee’s Worldcosplay Profile

Clive Lee

He is known as the “Gundam Master” in the international cosplay community because of his detailed and accurate mecha cosplays. One half of the Singapore representatives and the Grand Winners of the 2009 ARCC Finals held in Singapore.

He was also one of the international guests in the 2009 & 2010 Cosplay Mania that was held in the Philippines and also a judge of the Cosplay Tournament of Champions Finals held in the same years.

Photo from Richfield’s Worldcosplay Profile

Richfield Edbert

Famous for his Tokusatsu cosplays, he is well-known as one of the Indonesian representatives and the runner-up winners in the previous AFA X held in Singapore. He became a judge for ARCC 2011 and one of the organizers of the recent AFA ID held in Indonesia.

Photo from Anime News Network

Team Shikon (Special Guests)

Composed of Yukari Shimotsuki and Kaito, they are the Japanese representatives that won Grand Prize in this year’s World Cosplay Summit (WCS) held in Nagoya, Japan.

Photo from CLAS:H Facebook page

Team Lunar Asterisk (Special Guests)

This team is composed of Indonesian cosplayers, Kin Menk Van Lockheart & Konnichi Kurena. They won in last years international cosplay event, CLAS:H 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Philippines’ Cosplay Queen Ms Alodia Gosiengfiao was among the jury of that event along with Japan’s Kaname, Indonesia’s Pinky Lu Xu, and Orochi X, Thailand’s  Naoki Drachen and Mark Musashi from the U.S. One of its member, Konnichi also participated in this year’s WCS and won third place.

The Road to AFA’12 is a series of articles covered from Cosplay Tournament of Champions: Third Impact, TORCH III: Grand Finals in  Cosplay Mania ’12 to announcement of winners at the Regional Cosplay Championship in AFA ’12. 

The 4th Regional Cosplay Championship Finals will be held on November 11 at Anime Festival Asia ’12 in Singapore.

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