The second half of the 3rd Tournament of Champions Finalists.

TEAM CGA MALFESTED – Composed of students Angelli Estillore, 19 and Ritchie Louie Ando, 25, CGA Malfested are members of a Davao-based cosplay group Cosplayers Gamers and Animators (CGA). They are cosplaying Pyrrha and Nightmare from another Soul series franchise, Soul Calibur V.

The Davao preliminaries was held last August 11 at SM City Davao.

ADVENTURE TEAM – The only finalist with the word “Team” at the end of the name, Adventure Team is composed of  fighting game enthusiasts Marko Villaluz and Domingo SyBoth are members of Team M.A.R.C.H. and they are cosplaying Mitsurugi and Kilik of Soul Calibur IV during the preliminaries.

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TEAM BANKAI – Registered nurse, Stein Vivero  and college student Edward Amparado composed the Iloilo reps, Team Bankai. The name BanKai came from their nicknames, “Ban” and “Kai”  and during this year’s prelims, they were cosplaying Zhao Yun vs. Lu Bu of Dynasty Warriors 6. In the last TORCH II Bacolod Regional Finals, they were also known as the team with “boy’s love” at least in their skit

This preliminary leg was held last September 8 at SM City Iloilo.

TEAM BANANA YOGURT– A registered nurse and an IT student , this composed the last team to acquire the final slot in TORCH III Grand Finals .  Gino De Lumen and Aron Potente were cosplaying as Sagittarius Aiolos and Leo Aiolia from the anime series Saint Seiya in the leg. The name Banana Yogurt was picked because banana represents the color yellow which is the color of the armor they are wearing while yogurt represent the “Milky Way”.

The last preliminary leg was held last September 22 at SM Manila.

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The Road to AFA’12 is a series of articles covered from Cosplay Tournament of Champions: Third Impact, TORCH III: Grand Finals in  Cosplay Mania ’12 to announcement of winners at the Regional Cosplay Championship in AFA ’12. 

The 4th Regional Cosplay Championship Finals will be held on November 11 at Anime Festival Asia ’12 in Singapore.

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