Chosen from local preliminary legs held in their respective countries, meet the 5 best teams that will compete for this year’s most prestigious cosplay competition in South-East Asia, the AFA Regional Cosplay Championship 2012.

Section 8

Singapore’s Section 8 was founded in 2010 consisting of 8 members in which this year’s ARCC 2012 representative Shinji and Raistin were members. One of its members, Raistin became one of the Singapore’s representative to this year’s World Cosplay Summit held in Nagoya, Japan. They won Runner Up Prize in the said competition.


Thailand’s Drachen is a 3-member cosplay team. From the German word, Drachen which means Dragon, Naoki and Aun will be representing Team Thailand for this year’s ARCC 2012. They became Champions in the last AFA  X Regional Cosplay Championships.

Daikon Sky

Team Daikon Sky were winners of the recent AFA ID 2012 RCC Preliminaries. Consists of Indonesian cosplay duo Echow and Sora, they started their quest as ARCC representative in 2010. Daikon Sky became runner ups in CLAS:H 2011, an international cosplay event in Jakarta & also 1st runner up in World Cosplay Summit Indonesia Prelims.


The team that won in this year’s Malaysian RCC Preliminaries at AFA Malaysia. Tan Pei Jian and Amy Wong Fong Ee were cosplaying as  Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive, respectively in the said competition.

Adventure Team

Members from the AFCC 2012 champion team, M.A.R.C.H., Adventure Team is composed of  fighting game enthusiasts Marko Villaluz and Domingo Sy. Established last year, Team M.A.R.C.H., which means Mecha, Armor, Robot, Creature and Humanoid has been one of the awarded group in the local scene due to its high caliber cosplays and works of art

Photos used for this article were taken for Anime Festival Asia 2012 official website

The Road to AFA’12 is a series of articles covered from Cosplay Tournament of Champions: Third Impact, TORCH III: Grand Finals in  Cosplay Mania ’12 to announcement of winners at the Regional Cosplay Championship in AFA ’12. 

The 4th Regional Cosplay Championship Finals will be held on November 11 at Anime Festival Asia ’12 in Singapore.

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