ARCHIVE: Yuu Tachibana as Samurai Warriors’ Ginchiyo during Cosplay Mania ’12

According to official Twitter account of, it has announced that Filipino cosplayer Yuu Shomura has won this year’s AFA’12 Cosplay Singles Showcase.

Known also as Yuu Tachibana, she was one-half of Team M.A.R.C.H Harue, the first runner-up team in this year’s Cosplay Tournament of Champions: 3rd Impact (TORCH III).

According to AFA official website, cosplayers will be chosen by guest judges while walking around the event halls on November 10. The chosen cosplayers will  get a chance to be  picked as AFA’s favourite cosplayer on stage and win prizes.

The champion will be bringing home $500 cash prize,  Panasonic X3 headphones and a medal.

These are two-straight AFA Singles Competitions that a Filipinos has won the Grand Prize. Mecha cosplayer Robert Wong won last year’s singles competition.

Update 11/11/12: 

Cosplayer Marko Villaluz on his Facebook posted an album of AFA’12 Cosplay Singles Showcase Awardings wherein Yuu Shomura was awarded the Grand Prize certificate. She is cosplaying as Saber of Fate/Stay Night.

Yuu Shomura as Saber. Photo from Marko Villaluz

Villaluz is one of the members of Adventure Team, the Philippines’ representative to AFA’ 12 Regional Cosplay Championships.

via Twitter account & Mark Villaluz FB page