It was announced that Soubee Amako’s long-running ninja-gag manga series Nintama Rantaro will be releasing its second live-action film next year.

The movie is titled Nintama Rantaro: Natsu Yasumi Shukudai Daisakusen! no Dan (Ninja Kids!! Summer Mission Impossible) and the film is said to stage Nintama’s largest battle ever.

Seishiro Kato will reprise his role as a Rantaro Inadera, a first grader who aims  to become an excellent ninja along with Roi Hayashi as Kirimaru and Juri Shingetsu which replaces Futa Kimura as  Shinbei. Ryūta Tasaki also replaces Takashi Miike in directing the second film.

At a time when nations are warring, a sword with mysterious power called “Heaven’s Sword” is stolen. The sword gives the bearer the power to conquer the world! Rantaro attends the Ninja Academy where he hopes to become an elite ninja. He and his classmates are assigned to retrieve the stolen sword, their first real ninja mission! As an incentive, it’s proposed that the kids will have no schoolwork during the winter holidays if they succeed in the mission AND finish their summer homework in time! 

Film is set to premiere July 2013.


via Anime News Network