Viva-PSICOM Publishing will be announcing that they will be releasing Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail and Hajime Isayama Attack on Titan manga locally and it is translated in Filipino.

The translated manga series will be released every month starting June 2015, and the suggested retail price is Php195 per volume.

More details will be announced at Ozine Fest 2015.

Last February 17, Viva-PSICOM had posted on their Facebook page that they were in need of English to Filipino and Japanese to Filipino translators.




  1. This is actually a good idea, I don’t know to some, but hey, it think it will be interesting to read it in Tagalog. (Got to write more on my stand about this on my blog. Hahaha.) I’m now excited to read and write a review on the finish product!

  2. I’ve said this on Deremoe and on Facebook posts on this, but I would have honestly wanted affordable, English-translated volumes to be published and distributed by Philippine publishers like Psicom (which is the closest we can get to bringing Japan goods to PH). But Tagalized manga is fine, too (it’s just that I’m a bit slow when reading/writing Filipino).

    Considering that the original manga itself doesn’t have a formal tone in Japanese, the Tagalog translation would also be colloquial, right? It would be weird to see stiff/deep/formal Filipino in this kind of literature.

  3. Oh my god, HELL NO! The essence of the story/plot or whatsoever will vanish.. unless they have good translators..Why not just leave it be?

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